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Skid Steer and Multi Terrain Loader Augers available from WesTrac

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WesTrac  offer a full range of Augers that Caterpillar have built to suit their line of Skid Steer and Multi Terrain Loaders. Designed and built to Caterpillar standards, they carry with them the proven Caterpillar reputation for performance, versatility and reliability. These Augers are matched specifically to the machines’ auxiliary hydraulic circuit and horsepower for maximum system performance and reliability.

The A14B Augers are direct drive, bi-directional devices that provide better performance in light to moderate duty applications and offer Auger bits up to 762mm in diameter. The A19B are planetary-driven Augers, designed to work with standard flow machine auxiliary hydraulics, and provide the required in moderate to heavy duty applications with Auger bits up to 914mm in diameter. An A26B is also available, which is the same size as the A19B and also planetary-driven, but offers lower speed and exceptional high torque output capabilities making it ideal for heavy duty applications.

WesTrac offer both standard and tree Auger bits for a wide array of hole drilling requirements. In addition a variety of bit teeth made of hardened steel are also available for different soil conditions. The Cat mounting bracket is common to all Cat Auger deigns. This feature provides better structural reinforcement, positioning flexibility, easy transportation, near-vertical storage, easy work tool engagement and mounting versatility on backhoe loaders and mini hydraulic excavators.

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