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AccuGrade grade control system from WesTrac

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Available from WesTrac Pty Ltd , the Cat AccuGrade grade control system is an integrated solution that will reduce labour requirements and survey costs while increasing productivity by up to 40 percent. 

The grade control system provides proper initial placement of material and allows the operator to grade faster and more safely. 

The grade control system is factory-integrated and sensor-independent system and can be used with Cat motor graders, excavators, dozers, scrapers or compactors for accurate machine and blade control in grading, maintenance and construction applications. 

The AccuGrade grade control system can reduce site costs 

Reach grade first time, every time
Reduce fuel burn 
Reduce labour as fewer surveyors are required
Reduce wear and tear on GET

The grade control system can boost productivity

  • Extends work day, suitable for night operations 
  • Stake-free grading means no waiting on surveyors
  • Suitable for blind excavation, e.g. below water surface in drains
  • Up to 40percent increase in productivity 
The AccuGrade grade control system can increase accuracy 

  • Achieve tighter tolerances
  • Laser and UTS <0.010m 
The grade control system can ensure safety 

  • Avoidance zones to keep machines out of exclusion zones on site
  • Fewer people near machines
  • Integrated safety controls on Motor Graders
  • Operator not required to leave cab for grade checking 
AccuGrade comes with complete service and back-up support from WesTrac.

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