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Safety investigation services from Wenning Technical Services

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Wenning Technical Services  specialises in plumbing consulting solutions. Wenning Technical Services is managed and operated in a professional way. Wenning Technical Services has diverse network contacts and associates who expertise in various disciplines. Wenning Technical Services was established with a background in plumbing inspections, plumbing contracting, water utility contract management and building hydraulic services consulting.

Wenning Technical Services carry out safety investigations services that complies the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Technical reports include references to standards, regulations, photographic evidence, testing compliance statements.

Wenning Technical Services provides cost estimating service for assessing the value of incomplete, complete and defective plumbing work. Remedial advice involves pragmatic advice to resolve plumbing defects and disputes. Accident investigations are carried out for providing assistance to accident injury investigations that involves gas-fitting, lumbing and drainage work.

Wenning Technical Services have a network of associates specialises in liability and commercial insurance loss, fire protection, building and construction law, civil and structural engineering and materials testing and failure analysis. Wenning Technical Services provides excellent planning, reliability, quality and delivery of services. Wenning Technical Services is reputed and has growing diversity of clients including major insurance companies, body corporate managers and legal firms.

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