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Plumbing investigation solutions from Wenning Technical Services

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Wenning Technical Services  specialises in providing plumbing consulting, investigation and inspection services. Wenning Technical Services mainly focuses on the plumbing industry with regards to all aspects of standards, regulations, services, education, insurances, products and dispute resolution.

Wenning Technical Services offers plumbing investigation solutions and expert report services for resolving defects which include litigation support and expert reports. Wenning Technical Services educates the plumbing contractors through association presentations and industry magazine contributions.

Wenning Technical Services has expertise in plumbing contracting, water utility contract management, plumbing inspections and hydraulic services plumbing. Wenning Technical Services offers plumbing inspection, testing services and compliance auditing.

Pre-purchase, final inspections, progress and audits are carried out for assessment to compare with relevant standards, regulations and codes. Wenning Technical Services provides inspection services for sanitary drainage, hot, warm and cold water installations, storm water drainage, sanitary plumbing, natural gas and LPG services, roof plumbing, on site sewerage systems, water supply backflow prevention, heating and ventilation, thermostatic mixing valves, water supply cross connection surveys and fire hydrant services.

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