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Plumbing investigation and auditing service from Wenning Technical Services

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Wenning Technical Services  offers plumbing consulting and inspection solutions. Wenning Technical Services concentrates on eliminating problems that are associated with installation of plumbing which can be achieved by various ways. Wenning Technical Services offers plumbing inspection and compliance testing and auditing services, a form of quality assurance for owners, authorities, plumbers and builders.

Wenning Technical Services tailors the inspection and audit services that suits individual requirements. Wenning Technical Services issues compliance statements for inspected works. Testing of water installations includes flow rates, pressure, temperature, thermostatic mixing valves, backflow prevention devices and fire hydrant services. Wenning Technical Services provides testing of drainage installations which includes air pressure, hydrostatic, ovality vacuum and gradient. Testing of gas installations include pressure.

Wenning Technical Services offers plumbing investigation and expert report services for resolving the defects including litigation support and expert reports. Wenning Technical Services performs asset surveys which includes inspections, ACCEM surveys of council, government and water utility assets.

Plumbing investigations carried out by Wenning Technical Services like investigation of failures and performance of drainage and plumbing systems including dye flow tracing, CCCTV, measuring and levelling, testing, data logging, still and motion photography and data collections.

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