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Welding insulation blanket available from Discount Welding & Industrial Supplies

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Welding blanket HT1700 available from Discount Welding & Industrial Supplies is a thick heat treated moderate welding insulation blanket.

The welding insulation blanket is a thick fibreglass blanket with 1.7mm and a density of 1760grams/metre square.

Together with the tight and dense satin 8hs weaving pattern, it results in a heavier, stronger welding blanket yet more compact than fibreglass welding blanket for moderate to heavy molten sparks.

The fabric has a non hairy texture preventing irritation to the exposed skin, common in other low quality fabrics.

These welding blankets are used widely in heavy industries where welding sparks may be hazardous, e.g. petrochemical, oil and gas refineries, shipping repair and building yards etc.

The welding blanket's thickness and dense packing increases its thermal conductivity, enabling it to conduct heat energy easily, distributing unwanted excess energy across a larger area.

Heat dispersion is added by the increased surface area.

Energy is conducted away from the point of impact to a wider area and dispersed or reflected. As a result the welding blanket has a much higher softening point and acts as an effective heat retardant.

This prevents a rapid build up of heat energy, effectively cooling the molten sparks temperature before it can sustain a burnthrough.

Satin weaved HT1700 welding blanket has a smooth, heat treated, brown finish which facilitates heat conduction and reflection away from the point of heat contact.

This welding blanket is strong and flexible, the fabric is ideal for wrapping around uneven equipment surfaces to protect against unwanted heavy welding sprays.

Common welding blanket sizes:- 2.0 x 2.5metre

2.0 x 3.0metre

2.0 x 4.0metre.

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