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Adflo respirator system from Discount Welding & Industrial Supplies

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Speedglas with Adflo is a light, compact, all in one purifying respirator system for the professional welder or the person who wants cleaner air when welding.

The purifying respirator’s exclusive stackable configuration means that the gas filter can be stacked onto the particle filter for additional protection from specific organic, inorganic and acidic vapours.

You can selectively replace either the particle or the gas filter as needed. You do not need to change both filters at the same time. The purifying respirator’s slim profile is designed to go into tight spaces.

The Adflo respirator available from Discount Welding & Industrial Supplies can be purchased separately or with many Speedglas range of helmets, including:

  • 9002 range of helmets with variable shades 9-11, sensitivity and delay
  • Flexview helmet
  • Safety hard hat helmet
  • Clear visor helmet
  • Shade 5 visor helmet

Adflo effectively protects against both particles and gases.

Adflo conforms to the European standard EN12 941(TH2 P/TH2 A1B1E1 P/TH2 A2 P) for respiratory protection and Australian standard AS/NZS 1716.

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