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Bag dump options are magnetic

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WARMAN International has expanded the range of optional features available for customising its range of self-screening Kason bag dump stations. A prime addition is the availability of bar magnets to trap metal tramp material which is smaller than screen size before it gets into the screening process.

The device is a 200mm rare earth grate magnet which fits into the product discharge outlet of either of the 760mm or 1020mm Kason units.

"Recent orders for customised units with the bar magnets reflect a move to better quality control systems," says Tim Mellor, sales manager for Kason within Warman's Separation Equipment Group.

"There is a growing emphasis on QA through enhanced 'check screening' of raw materials and efforts to upgrade hygiene levels, particularly within food processing environments," he said.

Other options available for customising the bag dump stations include dust hoods for improved dust extraction and doors which can be closed after loading of the machine to further minimise dust levels.

The dust hoods allow staff to empty bags into processing lines with even fine powders that are prone to become airborne being contained by the dust hood.

The equipment can be supplied in standard pharmaceutical grade stainless steel or with the option of a sanitary 3A finish.

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