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Weidmuller introduces digital clamp meter

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article image C 2606 digital clamp meter

Weidmuller 's digital clamp meter 2606 is used for non-contact, current measurements in industrial and domestic application environments.

The digital clamp meter C 2606 is available for measuring current up to 1000A.

The digital clamp meter C 2606 has been designed as a multimeter, which means additional measuring functions are available to the user.

The digital clamp meter is used in the following fields of applications: commissioning, servicing, installation and testing.

The digital clamp meter C 2606 has been designed with autoranging functionality. With this instrument it is possible to measure DC and AC voltage from 0 to 1000V (resolution ±0.5%), DC and AC current up to 1000A as well as resistances from 0.4 Ohm to 40m Ohm, capacitance from 40nF to 4µF and frequencies from 0 to 400kHz.

The clamp meter also features a battery status indicator. Further favourable performance characteristic includes a max/min function as well as hold and peak functions. And it goes without saying that diode and continuity test functions are integrated.

The jaw opening range has been generously designed. Cables with diameters up to 57mm and busbars up to 70 x 18mm can be reliably enclosed. Weighing just 540g, the instrument is approved in accordance with EN/ IEC 61010-1.

The range of supply includes a set of test leads with test probes, an ever-ready carrying case and a factory installed 9-V battery.

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