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WL-Series Wireless Solutions by Weidmuller

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article image Weidmuller's range of WL series wireless solutions

Weidmuller ’s new WL range of industrial wireless communications products realizes the benefit of wireless technology in difficult industrial environments. Leveraging off the IEEE 802.11 WiFi standard, Weidmuller’s WL-EM-240 Wireless Ethernet modem provides increased power output of 300mW to ensure enhanced signal strength in the most difficult of industrial environments. With flexible configuration options, the Ethernet Modem can be configured to operate as an Access Point, Client, Bridge or Repeater. Full routing, redundancy and security capabilities are supported on the unit which is configured via a simple web browser interface.
In addition to the IEE 802.11 unlicensed 2.4 GHz WiFi, Weidmuller also provide a Wireless Ethernet solution which utilizes the unlicensed 900MHz band. The benefit of 900MHz wireless communication is that it provides significantly longer transmission distances, in many instances distances up to 30km line-of-sight can be achieved. The WL-EM-900 provides similar features and capabilities to the WL-EM-240, but with added benefit of higher transmission distances for the most demanding of wireless applications. Both 2.4GHz and 900MHz Ethernet modems also support separate RS232 and RS485 interfaces, which can be used to provide wireless serial device server capabilities and can be run concurrently with Ethernet communications.

To complement their range of Wireless Ethernet solutions, Weidmuller also offer Wireless I/O solutions in the WL-TXRX-900 range. These sophisticated Wireless I/O modules can be used to transfer both analogue and digital I/O information from one location to another using robust, unlicensed 900MHz wireless technology.  Fully configurable as simple point-to-point or point-to multi-point devices, the WL-TXRX-900 products are available as a separate transmitter, receiver or matched pair.

All Weidmuller's wireless products are supported by a comprehensive range of accessories, including Modbus based expansion I/O modules for the Ethernet modems, enabling extensive wireless I/O solutions to be easily put together.  In addition, an extensive range of antennas, antenna cables and wireless surge protection accessories are available to provide a complete wireless solution to meet the exact requirements of the application.