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article image Plugseries relay-couplers meet all market requirements.

WEIDMULLER Australia has released a new range of screw or tension clamp connection relays and opto couplers known as the PRS and PRZ ranges.

Designed to reduce servicing and mounting times, they allow construction of defined interfaces, reliably isolating input and output circuits. They can be used for switching or as switching amplifiers to switch large power ratings at low signal levels.

The new relays/couplers are quick to service and mount: commercially available products are simply plugged.

For maintenance, fast disconnection/connection springs from robust and reliable design and manufacture of Weidmuller's new fully developed Plugseries range.

PRS and PRZ relay-couplers operate on the input side with a nominal voltage from 12 to 115Vdc and from 120 to 230Vac. Weidmuller delivers the complete module with one or two changeover contacts.

Nominal consumption, depending on type, is 400mW or 760VA, with a nominal switching current of 16A and a switching voltage of 250V.

There is also an optional plug in LED indicator with a freewheeling diode. All components are safe from finger-touch according to VGB 4.

Plugseries relay-couplers meet all market requirements, and are guaranteed to have safe isolation (DIN VDE 0106, Part 101) between coil and contacts, even when a fault occurs. High isolation coordination according to EN 50178 is also guaranteed.

Inputs and outputs have required isolating distances, and a guaranteed creepage distance and clearance of >8mm. Input potential, as well as the root contact, can be bridged by external cross-connectors.

Wires with a nominal cross section of 2.5mm2 can be easily connected, and all relay-couplers can be mounted onto TS 35 rails.

Both PRS and PRZ relay-couplers have the same dimensions (15.2 x 91 x 85mm), and correspond to protection class IP 20, with UL and CSA approvals now being prepared.

As accessories, the company delivers user-friendly relay bases, plug in LED enclosures/LED indicators, clamping yokes and relays.

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