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New series industrial connectors available from Weidmuller

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article image IE-Line IDC RJ45 industrial connectors

The IE-Line stands for user friendly and easy handling. All connectors with steadytec technology are handled in the same manner and are assembled in next to no time.

With IE-Line, assembly is simple because it requires no tools and is therefore suitable for termination in the field.

The IE-Line offers integrated Cat. 6 cable management as well as optimised IDC terminals (Insulation Displacement Connection).

The pre-assembled housings and inserts are quickly contacted and with less individual parts, it means fewer demands on time and fewer possibilities for making an error.

Marking is made using an industry-standard marking tag; this allows relevant information to be added directly to the connection housing and can be read at a single glance.

Cable seal and strain relief in the IE-Line are accomplished by utilising a collet cage.

The connector housing is slid over the cable and the cable clamp tightened, therefore everything is sealed immediately and that also applies to thin cables.

In addition, the IE-Line offers robust kink protection sleeves that prevent the cable from being bent too far.

Practical experience has proven that the colour coding is a welcome assistant; these identification aids simplify structuring the individual network segments.

In short, field termination in industrial environments often equates to inaccessible, dirty places, complicated handling or a plethora of components make it practically impossible to carry out fast, efficient work procedures in such surroundings.

With the IE-Line users simply put together the pre-assembled components without the need for special crimping tools.

The IE-Line IDC RJ45 industrial connectors are available from Weidmuller.

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