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Industrial Ethernet applications

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article image Weidmuller’s industrial Ethernet products.

INDUSTRIAL Ethernet is becoming the dominant standard in industrial network technology, resulting in substantial value for planners and operators of industrial plants. Weidmuller is a one-stop-shop for industrial Ethernet applications.

Based on a universally accepted technical standard, manufacturers can combine networks and the associated system components with one another.

Although many applications and the relevant products are largely defined using communication standards, software solutions and application protocols, establishing a highly reliable physical network structure remains a challenge.

Over 80% of all faults in an industrial network are caused by contact faults in the broadest sense of the term. Loose plugs, contact problems, damp, broken cables, EMC problems or connection defects are just some of the most common causes.

Weidmuller offers durable, maintenance-free electrical connections with traditional products for switchboards as well as innovative and standardised components for industrial networks.

By supplying network components, Weidmuller are focusing on their core competency: providing connection technology ranging from controls to the field level, all from a single source.

In the field of industrial Ethernet, this spans everything from purely electromechanical products such as plugs, leads and outlets to a range of electronic appliances that are necessary for operating a standardised, service-independent network infrastructure.

Weidmuller’s product portfolio enables planners and installers to fully equip and set up a network. They can also supply tried and tested products such as signal converters, switched mode power supplies, cable markers and tools for this purpose.

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