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IDCII terminals and screwdriver/cutting tools

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THE new generation of IDCII terminals from Weidmuller provides exceptional time and cost savings.

Only 5mm wide and employing the principal of an externally tensioned IDC contact, the terminal is compact, easy to handle and provides fast, safe and reliable contact connection.

Available for conductor sizes up to 1.5mm, the IDC family boasts feed through (2, 3 & 4 Connection) Hybrid IDC to Tension Clamp, IDC to Screw Clamp, Fused and Disconnect versions.

The "swifty" screwdriver and cutting tool is particularly suitable for working with Weidmuller's IDCII terminal range. Simply place the wire conductor into the opened terminal point, and close the slider using the screwdriver blade. The terminal point is closed. Then cut the conductor to size using the cutting device on the same tool.

The troublesome changing of tools between screwdriver and cutting tool is superfluous, with the "swifty" and IDCII terminals.

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