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FrontCom Micro service interfaces for industrial PCs from Weidmuller

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Now available from Weidmuller , FrontCom Micro service interfaces have been designed to provide secure and flexible access to the inside of switching cabinets without needing to open the cabinet door.

To program and configure an industrial PC system, the computer is accessed by standard interfaces such as RJ45 or USB. This can be problematic, however, when these interfaces are located within a switching cabinet.

For servicing, users are left with no choice but to open the switching cabinet door, which is not only time-consuming but can also pose safety concerns.

IE Passive Product Manager at Weidmuller, Klaus Leuchs, explains that “an open switching cabinet door always involves the risk that the components inside the switching cabinet are without any protection, exposed to harmful environmental effects as well as to unauthorised access.”

FrontCom Micro service interfaces have been developed as a simple and practical solution to this problem.

These PC interfaces can be easily mounted to switching cabinet doors, providing access to all devices inside without the need to open the door.

Available in a wide range of RJ45 and USB inserts, FrontCom Micro interfaces feature an IP65 rating, and a securely lockable housing to ensure that only authorised persons can gain access.

They can be mounted quickly and easily through a 22mm standard round hole with central screw connection to provide secure and reliable data transfer rates of up to 10 gigabit Ethernet.

Available for standardised interfaces RJ45 and USB, FrontCom Micro service interfaces can also be supplied with various adapter solutions, including an RJ45 coupling, RJ45 module and USB-A coupling.

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