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The FieldPower product concept is based on the PowerBox, which is used to contact 5-pole power cables ranging from 2.5 to 6 mm2. The PowerBox from Weidmuller integrates the following functions in a single module: power supply, extension, outgoing motor feeder and distribution.

The PowerBox is mounted at any point within the plant with the continuous, uncut cable placed inside. With the help of colour coding this is done quickly and without errors. Round and/or flat cables can be utilised. Indeed, both types of cables can be used at the same time in a single PowerBox-a fact that adds flexibility to plant planning.

Using the sheath stripping tool AM 16 (for round cables) or AMF 6/10 (for flat cables), partially strip the cable and place the individual cores into the base module of the connection block. Snap shut the contact unit. Using a screwdriver, the contact element is simply closed downwards in a 90 degree movement. This creates a safe and reliable contact for distributing 400 Volts of power. The connection is made utilising Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) connection technology.

Junctions and outgoing circuits to consumer loads such as starters or frequency converters can be implemented as fixed or pluggable variants with a current carrying capacity of up to 41 A.

All that is required is to directly insert the insulation-stripped cores of the corresponding cable into the Push In connection of the contact block or plug-in connector. The plug-in connectors (32 A/ 4mm2) have been equipped with rapid and reliable Push In connectivity, the direct insertion technology for conductor termination. The connector is simply plugged onto the contact block. Twin connectors are also available to implement two single-feeder spur lines.

One or two starters/frequency converters or other loads can be connected to the contact block. The PowerBox Fuse for ¼“x 1¼“ fuses (cartridge fuse links) are utilised to protect loads, outgoing feeders and junctions and reductions to cable cross-sections in particular.

Visual control of the fuses is provided by a red LED that indicates failure. Conductor cross-sections ranging between 0.5 and 4 mm2 can be connected to the fuse connector.

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