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Busbar connection with tension clamp

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article image Weidmuller’s new busbar connections.

WHEN planning control systems, switching systems and distribution systems, not only must the potential of voltages be multiplied, the potential of neutral conductors (N) and protective earth conductors (PE) must also be multiplied.

Until now, conductors were connected using tension clips that threaded onto a copper busbar. This is a very time-consuming process.

The new busbar connections from Weidmuller use tension clamps ZF4S making this time consuming process redundant. They are simply pushed onto the 10 x 3mm busbar from the side.

"Click" - this very clearly audible clicking noise signals that the connection is fixed in position. The connection is removed in the opposite direction - the ZF4S is pushed away from the busbar until it has been removed completely.

The maximum clamping area of the new busbar connection ZF4S has been designed for a conductor cross-section of between 0.5 and 4mm2 for solid and finely stranded conductors.

Available in beige and blue (N) and green/yellow (PE).

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