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Bubble jet plastic markers printer

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article image “Printjet” printer for plastic markers.

WEIDMÜLLER's bubble jet printer "PrintJet" enables individual marking of electrical equipment to be carried out more quickly than with standard plotter systems.

Using a bubble jet process, the "PrintJet" prints one card of plastic markers in MultiCard format per minute with durable results.

The MultiCard marking assortment includes unprinted, neutral plastic markers in a uniform card format.

The printer technology in the new PrintJet, including the bubble jet, printer cartridge and ink, have been adapted by Weidmüller for industrial use, offering good printing quality and providing resistance to environmental influences. This gives the printer a long service life and allows it to print with sharp results.

Sharp printing enables very small fonts to be printed, an advantage when printing long rows of information.

Weidmüller's "PrintJet" printer is easy to operate. The user inserts neutral, unprinted MultiCard strips into the magazine, which can take up to 60 cards. The machine then prints the detail and the user removes the printed cards from the other side.

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