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Weighing services offered by Wedderburn

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Wedderburn  offer a range of weighing and scale services including general repairs and servicing, calibration and test reports  and after hours servicing.

General Repairs, Servicing and Installations Wedderburn's

Australian and New Zealand national network of offices and mobile service technicians are able to install new equipment, supply fix-on-fail service and conduct major refits and overhauls. Wedderburn also offers a choice of service agreements to help ensure that your existing weighing equipment operates at peak efficiency, accuracy and to Trade Measurement requirements. This ensures continued efficiency through routine maintenance.   

Regular calibration by qualified service technicians is offered by Wedderburn. Wedderburn can provide regular service inspections of weighing equipment, ensuring that scales are maintained at optimum performance levels throughout their commercial life. NATA laboratories in Australia and IANZ laboratories in New Zealand can provide test reports, calibration reports and performance certificates for ISO/IEC requirements, and quality control. Wedderburn are also licensed to certify scales for ‘trade use'.  

Wedderburn also have After Hours Servicing. This Wedderburn service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service contract customers. Services for most brands of weighing equipment include:  

  • Emergency breakdown service
  • Legal for trade certifications
  • NATA & IANZ Laboratory calibrations
  • Certificates of accuracy
  • Scale calibrations and adjustments
  • Regulation 13 certificates
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Specialist advice on weighing equipment
  • Humidity and temperature testing
  • Test weight certifications
  • ISO test reports
  • Service using ISO compliant procedures

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