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Three-dimensional pick & place robot

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THE Robogo three-dimensional robot from Webb Conveyor Company has been produced with a unique, patented action mechanism.

Contrary to conventional robot systems, the Robogo robot actions are not arranged consecutively, whereby one movement engages the drive of the next, but in parallel to each other.

In this way the total weight of the moving parts is kept to a minimum, thus optimising the capacity left for tools or products.

Three identical, linear drive units are installed to a fixed column and move independently from each other. The coordination of the robot arm within the robot range is software controlled.

The Robogo robot can be used in situations in which products have to be moved from one or more positions to another position, e.g. when packing, moving or composing product assortments.

The Robogo robot consists of a sturdy, stainless steel frame onto which are mounted swivelling side arms driven by three identical motors A, B and C with drive spindles.

Motor A drives the horizontal supporting arm, onto which the independently rotatable vertical robot arm is mounted. Motor A facilitates movement of the robot arm in vertical direction (Z axis).

Motors B and C drive the robot arm directly and provide movement in a horizontal direction (X and Y axis).

Customer specified tools or heads can be mounted to the tail end of the robot arm. These can make one single movement, e.g. grabbing, or multiple movements, e.g. grabbing and rotating.

The movements are microprocessor controlled. The microprocessor can be found in the frame, together with the frequency controls and the other electric components.

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