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AGV that loads trailers automatically

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article image The unmanned and adaptable SmartLoader.

MATERIALS handling system specialist, Webb Australia , has introduced the new SmartLoader, an automatic guidance vehicle (AGV) that loads trailers automatically.

The SmartLoader works continuously day and night, picking up pallets from anywhere in a warehouse and loading onto any conventional trailer as is, without modification.

The first-of-its-kind on the market, the unmanned and adaptable SmartLoader moves around a warehouse using a high-tech inertial guidance system.

SmartLoader picks up single and dual loads and delivers them in multiple configurations onto a trailer.

Commands from a centralised controller can send the vehicle to any pre-determined destination in the warehouse. SmartLoader retrieves or delivers dual or single palletised loads.

Webb’s proven inertial guidance system and on-board Vehicle Control Computer (VCC3) accurately maintains the intended route. The guidepath is defined by transponder codes embedded in the floor that are sensed by the vehicle’s SmartMark reader.

The path can be easily installed and later modified in less time than wire or column-mounted laser target systems.

Webb can design, build and install the system on a turnkey basis to customer requirements.

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