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Watson-Marlow pumps are the pump of choice at UK chocolate factory

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article image The Masosine positive displacement pumps at Kinnerton improve productivity and consistency on chocolate and caramel production lines

Masosine positive displacement pumps supplied by Watson-Marlow have been installed at Kinnerton, a UK chocolate and confectionary specialist. Kinnerton processes more than 7,500 tonnes of chocolate every year, to produce a wide range of confectionery from Easter eggs and Advent calendars to chocolate bars and chocolate lollipops.

The first displacement pump replaced a faulty gear pump that was damaging Easter eggs on a production line. It proved so reliable that a second pump has recently been installed for its new caramel production line. Going forward Kinnerton has decided use Masosine pumps as standard.

The MR series of displacement pumps is a range of medium duty sanitary pumps that offer flow rates of up to 91,000 litres per hour and pressures up to 10.3 bar. An MR125 pump proved to be the ideal solution for Kinnerton’s Easter egg production line.

Typical applications of the MR series of positive displacement pumps include:

  • chocolate,
  • yogurt,
  • cheese,
  • curd,
  • yeast,
  • stews,
  • concentrates, and
  • batter.
For the new caramel production line Watson-Marlow recommended a Masosine SPS 2 sanitary/industrial pump, which solves certain integral problems caused by products such as caramel that can be very viscous when cool.

The SPS positive displacement pumps have a capacity up to 4 cubic meters per hour and pressures of up to 15 bar. The SPS series is ideal for viscous and industrial applications such as:

  • caramel,
  • adhesives,
  • silicones,
  • glucose,
  • gelatine, and
  • polymers.
Watson-Marlow is happy to offer advise on applications and the most suitable positive displacement pumps.

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