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Watson-Marlow Introduces Low-Flow Peristaltic Pumpheads

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Watson-Marlow Bredel  has launched a new range of easy-loading, low-flow peristaltic pumpheads for industries that demand a high level of hygiene.  

The 114 pumphead has been designed by Watson-Marlow Alitea in response to calls for an advanced, low-flow pumphead in a compact configuration.  

The new peristaltic pumpheads complement Watson-Marlow's existing 313 pumphead, which has been used in applications ranging from milkshake vending to medical equipment and machinery.  

The low-flow pumpheads are built for durable performance with strong materials to provide chemical/detergent resistance and temperature stability, while fixings and ball bearings are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel.  

Gentle tube handling ensures tube life is maximised at all times.  

Model 114 peristaltic pumpheads find application in a range of sectors including medical device manufacturing, biotech, pharmaceutical and instrumentation as well as chemical and food industries.  

Key features of the 114 peristaltic pumpheads: 

  • Inherent safety features eliminate need for operator adjustments
  • Provides long-term robust and trouble-free running
  • Flow rates up to 340ml/min can be achieved at 400rpm using 4.8mm bore tube
  • Universal drive connection to suit 6-10mm drive shafts
  • Rotor movement can be witnessed through windows in the front of the unit as an additional safety feature
  • Custom colours, logic off switch and rotation sensor can be fitted to provide additional safety
  • Compact design with simple installation
  • Suitable for multiple individual pumphead installations
  • Measures only 64mm x 64mm x 41mm  
  • Four rollers for reduced pulsation
  • Spring-loaded tube holders with automatic tube stretching for high accuracy and repetitive flow and pressure performance
  • Intuitive operation eliminates need for special training
  • Tubing can be loaded using one hand in seconds
  • Easy-to-clean design that is free of potential dirt traps to ensure high levels of hygiene

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