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Watson-Marlow Bredel SPX40 hose pump pumps batter for Yorkshire bakery

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article image A Watson-Marlow Bredel SPX40 hose pump transfers batter for the bakery’s popular ‘Yorkshire Brack’ and ‘Sticky Stem Ginger Brack’ product lines

Elizabeth Botham & Sons, Whitby has chosen a Watson-Marlow Bredel SPX40 hose pump to transfer batter for its popular ‘Yorkshire Brack’ and ‘Sticky Stem Ginger Brack’ product lines.

Founded by Elizabeth Botham in North Yorkshire in 1865, the bakery is run by Elizabeth’s great grandson, Company Director Jo Botham who is also responsible for product development of the company’s cakes, Lincolnshire plum bread, lemon buns and biscuits that are sold worldwide via mail order.

Jo Botham explains that brack is used to describe cake made without using fat other than the natural fat in eggs. Since the cake batters contain sultanas and currents as well as soft brown sugar, eggs, glucose and wheat flour, it is important for the fruit (and Australian stem ginger) to pass through the pump without damage, guaranteeing a consistent, high quality end product.  

The bakery therefore, required a pump featuring a gentle, low-shear pumping action with no risk of the batter thinning or the ingredients separating out during pumping. It was also important for pump performance to not be impacted by changes in viscosity or solids content when switching batters. Additionally, hygiene, easy cleaning and simple, robust construction were also major factors.

The bakery did not want to consider metallic pumps because of the risk of product damage. The Watson-Marlow Bredel pump met all their requirements, especially by ensuring zero contamination with the batter totally enclosed inside the hose. The bakery runs a cleaning sponge (pig) through the hose to recover any residue.

David Johnson, business development manager of Watson-Marlow Bredel says that the SPX40 hose pumps allow quick and simple cleaning with the straight and clear flow path through the hose bore enabling effective flushing with the aid of a pig. No dismantling or further cleaning is required, resulting in operational advantages and significant cost savings. The hose can also be replaced quickly if required.

The batter is heated to assist fluidity and pumped from a mixing bowl at floor level to the hopper feed of a distributor at a height of approximately 1.8m. FDA grade flexible hose in 50mm diameter with quick release Snaplock couplings is used for the 1.5m suction line and 2.5m delivery line.

Operated by simple start/stop/reverse controls, the pump runs for approximately 90 minutes a day, five days a week.

Based in Falmouth, Cornwall, Watson-Marlow Bredel is one of the leading manufacturers of peristaltic pumps in the world, capable of highly accurate, repeatable, low shear handling of products ranging from whole fruit and delicate crystalline media to viscous, abrasive, solid laden sludge.

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