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Sinusoidal pumps from Watson-Marlow enable leading beverage manufacturer to reduce fruit juice decanting time

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article image Three MasoSine SPS4 pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel have reduced unloading times for the sugars and syrups

Watson-Marlow Bredel  has supplied three sinusoidal pumps to a leading UK beverage manufacturer to efficiently decant sugars and fruit juice concentrates from tankers.

Industry-leading beverage giant Halewood International sought an alternative to their existing centrifugal pumps that caused cavitation and noise issues when decanting sugars and fruit juice syrup from tankers arriving at their UK headquarters in Merseyside.

The company has been able to achieve great efficiencies with the installation of three MasoSine SPS4 pumps from Watson-Marlow.

Halewood International is a leading UK-based independent drinks manufacturer and distributor with a turnover in excess of £250 million and more than 1000 employees worldwide. From its headquarters on Merseyside in Liverpool, the company manages movements ranging from France to China, Russia to South Africa and Spain to Romania. Millions of liquid litres of fruit juice syrups and sugars arrive each day in tankers to help maintain optimum production output.

The company’s Production Trainer, Harry Anderson explains that till recently, the incoming sugars and syrups were unloaded using high pressure hoses and centrifugal pumps that not only were cavitating and causing loud, knocking noises, but were also ageing and becoming too slow for their requirements.

A common problem in centrifugal pumps, cavitation is caused when the impeller blades move through a fluid causing low pressure areas to be formed as the fluid accelerates around and moves past the blades. As it reaches vapour pressure, the fluid vaporises and forms small bubbles of gas, also known as cavitation.

When the bubbles collapse later, they typically cause very strong local shock waves in the fluid, which are usually audible and may even damage the blades.

Halewood International decided to trial a MasoSine SPS4 high pressure pump supplied by Watson-Marlow. Satisfied with the performance, the company decided to install three pumps at the Merseyside plant where they have been used for the past 12 months, 3-4 times a day without any reliability issues.

According to Mr Anderson, the reduction in unloading times allows them to get more tankers in and out, enabling them to be more flexible than before in response to production demands.

Key features of MasoSine SPS series sinusoidal pumps:

  • Exclusive sinusoidal rotor for gentle, low shear product handling
  • Heavy duty construction allows high pressure applications, especially viscous cold syrups
  • Overcomes issues of speed, cavitation and noise
  • Unloading time for sugars reduced by almost half
  • Decants a full tanker of fruit juice syrup in 45 minutes against 4 hours earlier with centrifugal pumps

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