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Riverside Bakery discovers Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pump for producing quality food

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article image A Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pump at the Riverside Bakery

Riverside Bakery, part of the Northern Food Group selected a peristaltic pump from Watson-Marlow Bredel to integrate into their food manufacturing process.  

Northern Foods is a major producer of chilled prepared foods, counting all the major retailers as their customers.  

Riverside Bakery produces a range of quiches as well as a variety of pie fillings, casseroles and stews. With ever increasing hygiene standards, Riverside needed a solution to replace the previous manual handling process.  

They sought an automated solution that would keep the meat and vegetables intact when transferring them from the Eurobin to the filling hoppers in the production process.  

After evaluating various solutions, Riverside finally zeroed in on a Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pump. Extensive trials were carried out on the Watson-Marlow Bredel SPX40 high pressure hose pump for this application.  

Using peristaltic pumps for food transfers offers the producers several advantages. The peristaltic principle involves a product being positively displaced within a hose by a squeeze and roll action.  

The gentle low shear pumping action not only leaves the meat and vegetables undamaged, but also prevents any king of contamination of the pump or product since the liquid has no contact with the pump and is contained completely within the hose.  

The SPX40 runs intermittently on a line running 24 hours per day at Riverside, administering different food substances depending on the product being produced, and eliminating the need to use multiple pumps.  

The food substance is passed from the Eurobin into a depositer, where the SPX40 pumps the food at variable speeds depending on the viscosity of the mix.    

Key benefits of the SPX40 peristaltic pump for Riverside Bakery:  

  • Meets food safety standards and enables the operator to clean in-situ without dismantling the pump
  • Designed with no seals, check valves, diaphragms or glands to eliminate leaks, clogs or corrosion
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Does not degrade or contaminate the food in the production process
  • Low maintenance costs with only the hose required to be changed
  • Quick-change hose minimises production downtime to just a few minutes
Ian Coughtrey, maintenance manager at Riverside comments that the SPX40 peristaltic pump, as an automatic transfer solution offers several advantages to the production process even as it frees up operators to concentrate on monitoring other parts of the process.

Riverside is also pleased with the low maintenance cost, with the SPX40 still running on the same NBR hose that was first installed six months ago.

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