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Peristaltic pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel provide optimum process solutions at brick manufacturer

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article image Brick manufacturer employs Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps

Watson-Marlow Bredel supplied a range of Bredel SPX pumps to a leading UK brick manufacturer to replace their existing peristaltic pumps over a period of five years.  

The century-old Ibstock Brick Ltd replaced their existing pumps to meet the demands of the upgraded inverter-based control systems at the plant.  

Located 11km west of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the Throckley plant is one of 19 factories in the UK-wide Ibstock group. Engineering Manager Gavin Van Der Merwe knew that his factory’s peristaltic pumps required replacing to improve productivity and performance.  

They needed to install high quality positive displacement pumps with constant flow capabilities, and found these qualities in Watson-Marlow’s Bredel SPX range.  

The pumps at Ibstock Brick were required to work 12 hours a day, and the first application up for review was to pump mains water into a mixing process, which required a constant volume and constant flow.  

The Bredel SPX50 high pressure hose pump offered a perfect option linked with PLC control and HMI output.

Providing a maximum continuous flow rate of 10,500 litres per hour, Bredel SPX50 hose pumps feature a unique direct-coupled design to offer the performance, reliability and ease of maintenance benefits of bare-shaft (long-coupled) designs with the compact advantages of close-coupled pumps in sizes ranging from 10mm to 100mm.  

Ibstock has since installed smaller Bredel SPX peristaltic pumps for pumping water-based paint into the mixture to alter brick colour.  

Bredel peristaltic pumps are also used to pump abrasive magnesium-based additives and barium carbonate solutions into the clay before it’s extruded into the brick shape.  

Mr Van Der Merwe vouches for the performance of the Bredel SPX pumps installed at his factory. Ibstock Brick presently employs one Bredel SPX50 and one SPX25 high pressure hose pump, along with four SPX15 mini hose pumps at its Throckley plant.  

Ibstock also plans to add additional SPX50 and SPX15 pumps in the near future.

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