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Peristaltic pump technology replaces timer controlled valves at UK waste water works

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article image The 2 SPX50 hose pumps have delivered consistent sludge quality since their 2006 installation

In October 2006 Watson-Marlow installed two SPX50 hose pumps, to improve system performance at Dwr Cymru, a waste water treatment works in the UK. The hose pumps have proved to be reliable, delivering trouble-free operation ever since.

Prior to installation of the Watson-Marlow hose pumps, auto-desludging of the primary tanks had been operated by timer-controlled automatic actuated valves, that proved difficult to control and delivered an inconsistent quality of sludge.

Since installation the SPX50 hose pumps have delivered consistent sludge at an approximate rate of 7 cubic meters per day, requiring only minimal routine maintenance to avoid issues such as interruption to flow and ‘rat-holing”.

The Dwr Cymru hose pumps handle 3-5% dry solids content primary sludge at a rate of 2500 litres per hour. The hose pumps run at 16 RPM, with a less than 5 bar of discharge pressure. They also benefit from 1.5kW, WIMES Efficiency1, cast iron frame motors with fixed speed gearboxes.

The hose pumps are available for installation with all necessary pipework and valves. They are protected from hose blockages and bursting thanks to in built automatic cut-out switches and suction and delivery line surge dampers.

The hose pumps are ideal for abrasive sewage sludge pumping, auto-desludging and similar viscous, fibrous and abrasive material applications thanks to a number of features including:

  • gentle peristaltic pumping action,
  • low operating speeds,
  • abrasion resistant hose characteristics,
  • continuous flow rates of up to 5,000 litres per hour,
  • pressures up to 16 bar,
  • composite braided nylon reinforced hose element,
  • enhanced mechanical strength from patented internal reinforced hose element,
  • overload protection,
  • enhanced corrosion resistance,
  • accuracy to within ±1%, and
  • ability to handle additives such as lime slurry and easily damaged filamentous flocculants.

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