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Peristaltic Pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel for Amino Acid Analysers

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Non-contact peristaltic pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel have been employed by the Cambridge-based Biochrom for their range of amino acid analysers.  

Conventional pumps cannot handle aggressive substances that can attack the mechanical components and inevitably cause duty fluid contamination and potential premature pump failure.  

Having experienced first-hand the unfortunate effects of aggressive substances on their geared pumps, Biochrom has enthusiastically embraced the advantages of using non-contact peristaltic pumping technology supplied by Watson-Marlow.  

A principal product manufactured by Biochrom, a GBP10 million turnover 60-employee company is its range of amino acid analysers for the clinical, pharmaceutical, proteomic, food and feedstuff industries.  

Biochrom had been using a conventional geared pump to transfer methyl diglycol from one 25-litre container to another via a filter.  

Unfortunately, the aggressive nature of the product attacked the metal components of the pump, contaminating the duty fluid.  

Methyl diglycol is a solvent used in a chemical reagent called ninhydrin, which is employed by Biochrom within its amino acid analysers to stain proteins and identify amino acids.  

Biochrom manufacturing director, Tony Neale says that they approached Watson-Marlow for the loan of a peristaltic pump on a trial basis.  

Following a brief trial period, Biochrom purchased the Watson-Marlow 520UN/R2 IP66 rated peristaltic pump.  

Mr Neale adds that the pump has been providing reliable performance since its installation.  

Key features of peristaltic pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel: 

  • Liquid is drawn into a tube and pushed through by the action of rollers squeezing and releasing the tube
  • No risk of fluid contaminating the pump or vice versa since nothing but the tube is ever in contact with the fluid
  • Design prevents backflow, eliminating the need for check valves when the pump is not running
  • Accuracy of the delivered volume and flow rate can be fully tailored through pump size, rotating rollers’ speed and tube diameter
  • Produces flow rates of 3.5 litres/minute at pressures up to 2 bar
  • Accepts analogue auto and manual control
  • Handles aggressive fluids and suspended solids with ease
  • Provides precision dosing and metering without gas locking or crystallisation problems
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Self-priming pumps with run dry protection
  • No valves or seals to leak, corrode and clog

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