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Peristaltic Pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel Help Swedish Confectioner

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Peristaltic pumps supplied by Watson-Marlow Bredel have helped a Swedish confectionery manufacturer eliminate unscheduled production downtime, improve product consistency and minimise raw ingredient wastage.    

Bubs godis (Bubs candy), the Swedish confectioner produces 15,000kg of starch-based, AZO-colourant-free gel candy each day at their highly automated production facility.  

The entire production process from the storage of raw ingredients through the entire manufacturing process and right up to the drying stage is managed by four people.  

OEM pump specialist Watson-Marlow Alitea supplied the 520VBM/REH OEM brushless-drive peristaltic pumps to the Bubs production process.  

Controlled by an advanced process control system, which communicates over a Profibus network, each of the 13 pumpheads is used to inject flavourings and colourants.  

All the pumps are required to operate at different flow rates and to a high level of accuracy.  

Unscheduled downtime at Bubs godis has the potential to become a major problem as the glycol mixture becomes more viscous if the line is stopped.  

During normal production, the pumping pressure is about 3bar. Once production is resumed, the pressure is increased as high as 7bar to deal with the viscosity problem.  

Prior to the installation of the corrosion-resistant 520VBM/REH pumpheads from Watson-Marlow, the pipes needed to be washed with hot water to clear the ingredient build-up, which caused loss of 45 minutes of valuable production time.  

An additional issue concerned material wastage since the downtime could cause up to 200kg of product to be wasted.  

Since installation, the high-pressure capability of the 520VBM/REH pumpheads has brought significant benefits to the Bubs process engineers.  

No pipe cleaning is required if production stops, saving the company money, resources and costly plant downtime.  

The OEM pumpheads also deliver benefits in terms of product quality and consistency throughout the production batch.  

The consistent flow rate has also reduced the amount of colourants and flavourings required for the production process, enabling even more cost savings for the company.

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