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Peristaltic Pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel Dose Oil into Vegetable Trays

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St Helens-based Lea Green Foods is using peristaltic pump technology from Watson-Marlow Bredel to dose oil into vegetable trays with precision and cleanliness.  

Lea Green Foods specialises in a range of pastes and purees for the food service and manufacturing markets.  

The company decided to introduce a process that required repeatable, accurate and hygienic dosing of vegetable oil into trays of produce such as tomatoes and roasted peppers.  

Not wanting to outlay excessive capital in designing and building a new production process, Barry Rushton, the company's engineering manager decided to replicate the required process using a 520 series pump provided by Watson-Marlow on a 1-month trial.  

The 520 series peristaltic pumps are designed specifically to meet the needs of the process sector.  

Rushton required a pump that could operate at a variable flow rate depending on the volume, speed and time of their production.  

The pump was successfully tested using a selection of different oils. The pump was also able to achieve accurate dosing of each 300ml volume as the company had to declare a given weight for the product within +/-2 per cent.  

Key features of Watson-Marlow's 520 series peristaltic pumps: 

  • Fitted as standard with the 520R pumphead, which accepts up to 9.6mm-bore tubing for flow rates up to 3.5 litres per minute
  • Features a low-shear, high-reliability pumphead design for high accuracy and long tube life
  • Memo Dose facility allows accurate and repeatable dosing
  • Filling nozzle is designed so that a small quantity of fluid is sucked back up into the tube to prevent any drips after dosing

Rushton says that the no-drip nozzle design not only means less product waste, but also creates a clean process, which is very important in the food industry.  

He adds that Lea Green Foods also specified food-quality 9.6mm-bore Marprene as tubing material.  

With demand beginning to rise for the new products, Lea Green Foods requested an extension to the pump trial period, keeping the Watson-Marlow 520 series model for a further three months.

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