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Netherlands-based packaging company switches to Qdos metering pumps

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A Netherlands-based packaging solutions provider has replaced their magnetic membrane pumps and progressive cavity pumps with new Qdos 30 peristaltic metering pumps from Watson-Marlow .

Huhtamaki MoldedFiber Technology BV is one of the earliest users of the Qdos peristaltic metering pump from Watson-Marlow Pumps Group. Qdos 30 models have replaced magnetic membrane pumps and progressive cavity pumps on two applications at the company’s Franeker plant on Holland’s northernmost coastline.

Benefits such as improved handling of corrosive fluids in a counter-pressure application, constant flow to eliminate pulsing, low addition rate capability and ease of calibration in the Qdos metering pumps have encouraged the company’s engineering team to consider standardising on the Qdos brand moving forward.

One of the core businesses at the Franeker plant is three-dimensional moulded fibre packaging for food products such as eggs, stone fruit, apples, pears and tomatoes.

The Franeker mill is a 24/7 operation housing 11 production lines and pump technology plays a vital role in the production of its moulded fibre board. Although an established customer of Watson-Marlow, the site’s Process Manager, Benno Koopmans has longed for a solution to one particular problem.

The plant has a 2 bar counter-pressure application that involves adding sodium hypochlorite to kill off bacteria in the cooling water flow and disinfect against the formation of algae, yeast and fungi. The magnetic membrane pumps previously used for this task were impacted by the corrosive nature of sodium hypochlorite, leading to frequent leaks into the electrical circuit, along with associated downtime and repairs.

Watson-Marlow’s new Qdos 30 peristaltic metering pump was installed at Franeker in February 2012. Qdos 30 pumps boost process efficiency by providing accurate, linear and repeatable flow performance from 0.1 to 500 ml/min at 7 bar, even when metering difficult fluids. There are no seals or valves in the flow path to clog, leak or corrode, which means caustic, abrasive, viscous, shear-sensitive, and gaseous fluids can be safely and securely handled.

The Franeker plant is using flow meter control on its Qdos 30 pump, which measures the amount of cubic metres of cooling water per hour, so the process is based on flow rate-dependent addition of sodium hypochlorite. Incidentally, Huhtamaki was able to use the existing 4-20mA communications cable used by the previously-installed membrane pump, making the entire system plug and play.

Mr Koopmans adds that the Qdos pump is calibrated regularly, and data indicates there has been no drop in flow rate since installation five months ago. Their confidence with metering pump technology has led to the installation of 20 Qdos 30 pumps.

The Qdos 30 is also being deployed on other applications across the plant. For example, a Qdos 30 has been chosen to replace a magnetic membrane pump, which adds anti-scale to a heat exchanger to prevent clogging. Mr Koopmans and his team have also replaced a progressive cavity pump with a Qdos 30 on a polymer addition application.

With eleven production lines comprising up to five pumps each, Mr Koopmans believes there is significant scope for further Qdos pump installations.

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