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Model 521 Close-Coupled Industrial Pumps from Watson-Marlow and Bredel

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article image Model 521 Close-Coupled Industrial Pumps

Watson-Marlow Bredel  supplies a wide range of pumps for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Model 521 close-coupled industrial pumps are designed for industrial applications and suitable for use in extreme environments.

Featuring a high-performance engineering plastics and stainless steel pumphead, the industrial pumps come with a clear-view and shatter-proof guard with tool-unlocking latch.  

Key features of Model 521 close-coupled industrial pumps: 

  • Easy-grip hub and clutched rotor for quick and effortless tube loading
  • Durable track and rotor
  • Flow rates up to 4.6 litres/minute
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • New Varmeca drive with 10:1 speed control

Considered as the new standard in industrial pumps, the 521 incorporates close-coupled drives in the 520RC pumphead and are suitable for extreme industrial conditions and aggressive fluids.  

Watson-Marlow Bredel 520RC is highly resistant to chemical attack and can withstand harsh environments.

In addition to delivering cost-effective precise pumping as well as a long service life, the five drive options in the industrial pumps facilitate fixed or variable speed, flameproof and pneumatic operations.

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