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Masosine Sanitary Pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel Ensure Effective Medicine Mixing

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Watson-Marlow Bredel  has supplied three Masosine sanitary pumps to Aeropak (Chemical Products) to ensure the effective mixing of mainly aqueous and oil-based OTC and prescription medicine.  

Aeropak, a subsidiary of Diomed Developments has installed three Masosine SPS2, SPS2.5 and MR130 pumps from Watson-Marlow.  

Graham Abraham, projects manager at Aeropak explains that the pumps are used primarily to help re-circulate bulk product in mixing vessels through homogenisers, an essential process to ensure the quality of the products.  

The Masosine pumps are also used to transfer product from the mixing vessels into bulk storage containers.  

According to Abraham, Aeropak selected the sanitary pumps for their gentle, low-shear product handling capability.  

An exclusive sinusoidal rotor integral to both SPS and MR series pumps, which provides a wave-like action is responsible for this capability.  

The single-rotor design offers very low propulsion, while large pumping chambers help to preserve and maintain product integrity.  

Some of the products manufactured by Aeropak exhibit high viscosity such as the Doublebase emollient gel, but Watson-Marlow sanitary pumps are able to handle them with ease.  

The simple design of the Masosine sanitary pumps consisting of one rotor, one shaft and one seal facilitates economical inline maintenance and cleaning.  

While changing the product on any production line, procedures such as stripping the pumps, cleaning them down, testing and re-assembly are quick as well as straightforward.  

Additionally, to improve the handling of a number of its other products, Aeropak is currently considering the adoption of peristaltic pumps from Watson-Marlow.

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