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Heavy-duty SPX peristaltic hose pumps from Watson-Marlow Bredel

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article image Heavy-duty SPX peristaltic hose pump

World-leading specialist in peristaltic pumps, Watson-Marlow Bredel announces the Bredel SPX range of thickener underflow pumps designed for challenging mining applications.

Bredel SPX pumps offer flow rates up to 350 GPM and pressures to 232 PSI, allowing them to handle extremely difficult applications and harsh environments.

Bredel’s sealless SPX peristaltic hose pumps can reliably handle a variety of harsh materials, including abrasive heavy metal slurries, corrosive cyanide, copper sulphate and methylcellulose.

Unlike conventional pumps, the SPX range handles the thickener underflow and various metallurgical acid slurries typically used in mining operations without causing any damage to pump components.   

Bredel peristaltic hose pumps are virtually maintenance-free with no expensive impellers, liners or mechanical seals to replace, no check valves to clog and no rotors and stators to wear out.    

Bredel’s SPX hose pumps can handle high solid contents compared to centrifugal type pumps, and there is no need for mechanical seal flush water, helping to save millions of gallons of water. 

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