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Dosing System Uses Peristaltic Pumpheads from Watson-Marlow Bredel

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A dosing systems supplier for agricultural and water treatment industries uses peristaltic pump technology from Watson-Marlow Bredel as an easy-to-apply core component of their ‘Select’ dosing system.  

Redacre Ltd in Saffron Walden is an OEM specialising in building dosing systems for agricultural and water treatment industries across the globe.  

The company has employed Watson-Marlow Bredel’s peristaltic pump technology as a core feature of their Select dosing system.  

Select dosing system is used in a variety of different applications from vaccinating chickens and pigs by adding liquid products into the livestock drinking water in the UK to adding nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium to irrigation systems for tomato-growing industries in Taiwan.  

Select dosing system relies on a Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumphead to provide a simple dosing solution. This enables anyone from water technicians through to farmers and members of the rural community to easily change the pump tubes as required by the dosing system.  

When developing the system, Redacre required a pump that could stand up to the rigours of the agricultural environment and aggressive substances.  

Watson-Marlow 102R peristaltic pumpheads prevent the fluid from coming into direct contact with the pump. As a result, aggressive substances such as acids and chlorine do not cause corrosive damage to the pump during operation.  

Additionally, unlike conventional pumps, the 102R peristaltic pumps will not contaminate the chemical being added to the water flow, a particularly important requirement in vaccination processes.  

The pump tube is required to be changed for the user to benefit from the wide range of dosing ratios offered by the system. This resulted in the need to have a peristaltic pump that would be able to perform its normal functions whilst being durable and easy to use.  

Dealing with dosing rates ranging from 1:25,000 to 1:14, it was important for the pumps to be able to handle small amounts of fluid very accurately.  

According to David Welch, Managing Director of Redacre, when their technical team first embarked on designing the Select dosing system, they identified that it was essential to find a peristaltic pump that would be easy to use, could stand up to the agricultural environment and would be available at competitive prices.  

After investigating various options, they identified Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps as the only products on the market that would meet these specifications.   

He also appreciates the technical support provided by Watson-Marlow Bredel during the new product development stage.  

The 102R Series comprises of twin sprung roller pumpheads originally designed for applications in biotechnology for low flow rates and single channel functions.  

It can be supplied as standalone OEM pumpheads or as faceplate-mounted pumpheads with a variety of synchronous or 12V DC motors to provide up to 105ml/minute flow rates.  

The standalone pumphead measures only 80mm x 63mm x 32mm and can easily be fitted into most customer equipment housings.

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