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ULTRAMIC 600 Advanced ceramic heater

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The robust mechanical structure of the high density AlN, available from Watlow Australia ,  enable these heaters to exhibit exceptional mechanical stability throughout the temperature range. This makes the product especially suitable in applications where consistent part-to-part thermal contact during heating cycles is critical. Additionally, these heaters are applicable when requiring a clean, non-contaminating heat source as they are particle free, impervious to moisture and resistant to acidic attack.

Product Specifications:
Material Maximum Watt Densities Maximum OperatingTemperatures Aluminum Nitride (AlN) 155W/cm² (1000W/in²) 600°C (1112°F) 


  • Semiconductor wire and die bonding                       
  • Analytical instrumentation                       
  • Medical devices                       
  • Packaging                      
  • Aerospace

Features & Benefits:                     

  • Robust AlN ceramic                        
  • Creates a homogeneous assembly for atmospheric and vacuum applications                       
  • Provides durable heater construction and thermal transfer necessary for high temperature and long heater life                       
  • Permits the design of a high watt density, fast responding, heater in a very small package                       
  • Geometrically stable due to low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)                       
  • Process temperatures up to 600°C (1112°F) depending on application parameters                       
  • Rapid prototyping                       
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) provides rapid 'virtual' prototyping of heater performance prior to the manufacturing process                       
  • Due to Watlow's innovative design and manufacturing practices, custom prototypes can be delivered in weeks rather than months                       
  • Superior electrical performance                       
  • Low leakage current                       
  • Breakdown voltage >2000V~(dc)                        
  • High thermal conductivity                        
  • Makes for a fast temperature ramp rate of up to 150°C (270°F) per second (depending on application parameters)                      
  • Allows for quick cool-down                      
  • Provides extremely uniform temperatures over the heater surface                        
  • Thermocouple integrated into assembly (patent pending)                        
  • Bonded assembly process ensures reliability of heater/sensor interface                       
  • Optimized temperature sensing improves accuracy                      
  • High response rate in ramping applications                        
  • UL® and CE agency compliance (pending)                        
  • Designed to meet global safety standards        

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