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Thick film heating technology from Watlow

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Watlow's thick film technology is being used in numerous packaging applications to provide uniform heat with pinpoint accuracy, at temperatures of up to 500°C (932°F). Hot and cold spots are virtually eliminated, allowing for faster machinery start-up and cycle times, less scrap and more consistent product quality. Computer-controlled manufacturing ensures a high rate of heater-to-heater quality and repeatability.

In many applications, Watlow thick film heating technology has replaced traditional cable and tubular heaters, greatly improving reliability and overall product performance.

Benefits of thick film technology seen in sealing applications: Since their introduction to the packaging industry, Watlow thick film heaters have been increasingly used for a variety of sealing applications. Because of their rapid thermal response, these heaters reduce thermal lag, resulting in consistently strong, predictable heat seals in minimum time.

One Watlow customer uses thick film heaters for sealing protective film on thermoformed trays; they report that vegetables stay fresh for five to seven days longer, due to the consistent seal provided due to the uniform heat of the Watlow heaters. Another uses these heaters for a cap sealing application. Yet another uses them on the face of seal bars being used on horizontal, high speed pouching machines in a flexible packaging application.

With Watlow thick film heaters, temperature uniformity is ensured. In addition, since these heaters can be shaped to match any cylindrical or two-dimensional shape desired, they offer exceptional design flexibility to adapt to any piece of machinery.

When Watlow series SD controllers are used together with Watlow thick film or other heating products, processors can benefit from additional control of their process. This systems approach provides users with the advantages of integrated Watlow technologies.

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