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The integrated controller products, now available from Watlow ,combine multiple functions into one integrated control system leading to: 

  •  Fewer components ·                      
  • Fewer aggravations
  • These products give you the ability to utilize just one component.
  • These products' advanced designs give you the ability to add or subtract modulars as your requirements change.
  • EZ-ZONE RM                     
  • 1 to 64 PID loop capabilities offers a common controller platform across many design applications since both loop count and additional outputs can be ordered in increments of one                      
  • Reduces wiring time and termination complexity compared to connecting multiple discrete products EZ-ZONE PM                      
  • Offers solutions to reduce system complexity and lower the cost of control loop ownership                       
  • An integrated control loop solution combining the PID functionality, over/under limit functionality and high amperage NO-ARC power switching output in a single panel mount package EZ-ZONE ST                      
  • Offers complete thermal system control in a single package solution                       
  • Offers a PID temperature controller already connected to a high amperage solid state relay with the option of adding a properly sized heat sink, an over/under temperature limit, a shut-down power contactor, digital communications and a remote user interface in one complete and professionally engineered product EHG SL10                     
  • Process and safety limit in one controller package                       
  • Accurate and flexible temperature process controller  

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