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Syringe heater available from Watlow

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Watlow's  syringe heater offers a drug delivery solution designed to ensure precise liquid temperatures and reduce fluid viscosity - two features that maximise patient comfort and decrease risk.

The new syringe heater offers good operational life and its two available configurations provide flexibility and adaptability.

It is customisable to most OEM requirements and features an optional, precise and repeatable temperature sensing controller.

Royce Payton, Watlow product manager said that the Watlow's syringe heaters are designed to warm and maintain fluids at or near body temperatures and they can understand that injections made at these temperatures are more easily tolerated by patients.

In particular, heating injections minimises patient risk, especially for patients in frail or distressed conditions. The syringe heater's silicone/wire configuration provides a flexible solution to customers with varying syringe sizes, while its polycarbonate/foil configuration option delivers functionality and good look.

The heater design features a clear polycarbonate laminate construction, which allows technicians to view fluid levels and monitor for air bubbles and its smooth outer surface and radius on all inside corners facilitates easy cleaning.

An over-mould on the syringe heater houses an electronic controller and/or temperature sensor for trouble-free servicing and extended heater life (compared to bimetal thermostats).

The feature, which can be modified and colour matched for a seamless and integrated appearance, also improves system reliability and reduces equipment down time.

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