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Solve almost any application requiring radiant heat

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article image Watlow’s RAYMAX family suits all types of radiant heating applications.

WATLOW'S diverse RAYMAX heater line allows customers to solve virtually any application that requires radiant heat.

RAYMAX’s capabilities cover a wide range of needs, from contamination resistant surfaces, to fast responding high temperature panels, to replaceable tubular elements.

Applying radiant heaters can be complicated. Watlow's engineering staff has the level of training required to help customers meet their application requirements, providing a high degree of technical support, such as conducting testing for an application at Watlow’s facility, calculating watt density and temperature requirements and recommending system components, such as sensors and controllers.

Watlow has experience in a wide range of industries and has helped customers handle all types of radiant heating applications.

Applications include:

* Thermoforming

* Food warming

* Paint and epoxy curing

* Heat treating

* High temperature furnaces

* Tempering and annealing processes.

Radiant heaters must not be operated in the presence of flammable vapors, gases or combustible materials without proper ventilation and safety precautions.

Radiant heaters must be properly wired and controlled to comply with all applicable electrical codes.

Features and benefits include:

* The full RAYMAX line offers a variety of styles and capabilities to match the ideal temperature and watt density requirements of a company’s application

* Engineering and application support - makes a customer’s projects run more smoothly

* Custom designs - can be quickly adapted for particular needs such as special wattage zoning

* Watlow sensors and controllers are completely compatible with RAYMAX heaters - offers a single source thermal system that is reliable and designed just for a customer’s application.

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