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Low cost mercury-free relay

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article image E-SAFE Relay for the food industry.

THE desire to be proactive in light of changing international manufacturing regulations drove a leading supplier of commercial cooking equipment to turn to Watlow's E-SAFE Relay, a low-cost, mercury-free alternative to other relays.

The company, a 25-year Watlow customer, specified the E-SAFE Relay after conducting beta testing that was highly successful. The company is now Watlow's largest E-SAFE customer.

E-SAFE benefits include reliability, safety and cost effectiveness.

E-SAFE meets future government regulations that will potentially eliminate the use of mercury relays in the foodservice industry, and it out-performs all mechanical power switching devices while equalling the performance of mercury displacement (MDRs) or solid state relay products (SSRs).

Bridging the gap between SSRs and MDRs, the compact E-SAFE Relay fits the same footprint as most 30-50A mercury relays.

It also provides restaurants with longer contact life and higher performance than typical mechanical relays used in foodservice equipment.

The E-SAFE Relay's design allows the power to be removed from its contacts when the relay is switched.

This patented operation allows for longer contact life and facilitates much faster cycling than mechanical relays, according to Watlow.

E-SAFE has a current rating of 40A maximum resistive load at 55°C, with a maximum power switching voltage of 208/240V, three-pole.

Its maximum operating ambient temperature is 54.4°C with a maximum cycle rate of 30 cycles per minute.

The E-SAFE Relay provides restaurants with an ideal solution for equipment power switching by eliminating arcing, electrical noise and hazardous mercury.

By eliminating mercury, E-SAFE helps reduce the risk of toxic metals in conjunction with food and prevents the possibility of consumer illness from mercury contamination.

The use of mercury relays is trending downward due to regulations affecting the use of mercury in the USA.

Mercury has been classified as a hazardous material and this action has resulted in heavy regulation of its transportation, use and disposal by organisations including the EPA, OSHA and the Department of Transportation (USA).

E-SAFE meets future government regulations that will potentially eliminate the use of mercury relays in the foodservice industry.

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