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Innovation in the control industry

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The EZ-ZONETM ST platform is perhaps the most important development in a long line of Watlow 's innovation in the control industry.

Watlow got its start in controllers back in 1976 with the purchase of Waynco Manufacturing, based in Winona, Minnesota.

Multiple acquisitions, innovations and patents followed in the 1980s and 1990s, greatly enhancing Watlow's position in the market. While Watlow was not well-known in the control industry for many years, this growth spurt put Watlow controllers on the map.

With the development of EZ-ZONE ST technology, Watlow is taking a giant leap forward with Watlow's history and manufacturing quality to back up this major innovation.

In 1976, Watlow purchased Waynco Manufacturing, a manufacturer of electonic controllers.

In the 1980s, Watlow purchased Adlake's mercury displacement relay division adding power switching ability to the product line.

It also doubled space in Winona with a new manufacturing facility and produced its first microprocessor-based temperature controller.

The early 1990s saw Watlow introduce its NEMA 4X enclosures for loop controller and develop a smart start algorithm for plastic molding machines.

Watlow also developed modular universal input circuits.

In 1995, Watlow became majority investor in ANAFAZE, Inc., a designer of multi-loop controllers and PC-based control software, in Watsonville, CA.

Soon after, Watlow invented:

· Patented specialized controller with heater loads.

· Patented solid state/mechanical relay to extend relay life 10 times.

· Integration of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in industrial environments.

Since 2000, Watlow has integrated front panel infrared communications and has:

· Integrated Ethernet and web-based communications.

· Developed SERIES SD, a single controller platform.

· Developed SERIES N7, a flexible custom controller platform.

Recently, Watlow has begun "Voice of Customer" visits for EZ-ZONE integrated control loop and added EtherNet/IPTM to the SERIES PD enabling integrated temeperature control to PLCs.

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