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Heaters enhance efficiency in seal bar applications

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article image This thermal scan shows the even thermal output of Watlow's thick film heaters versus traditional cartridge heaters.

IN our fast paced world of over scheduling and multi-tasking, convenience is something we all want and have even come to expect.

The simplicity of today's packaged products is a true benefit to our busy lives. For example, the juice pouch and stick of cheese have reinvented a child's lunch. The single serve coffee pouch in a hotel room minimises the expense and wait for room service. Personal-size packages of wipes for wiping hands or surfaces allows easy and fast clean up anywhere.

These modern conveniences would not be possible without packaging equipment that employs seal bars. Companies within the packaging industry know that eye-catching graphics grab a consumer's attention but simple and convenient packages generate the sale.

An integral part of form-fill-seal and pouching equipment is the seal bar. Without precise and uniform heating, packaging machinery would not be as efficient or effective, and thus would not produce convenient, flexible packaging for the products today's consumers demand.

Most packaging applications require heaters that deliver quick ramp up times, temperature uniformity and precise temperature control to provide high-end speed and reliability.

In today's competitive marketplace, companies are turning to Watlow and its experienced engineers for complete thermal loop solutions to maximise their packaging machinery's efficiency.

Watlow offers customisation, global manufacturing and support as well as the ability to solve application problems with a variety of heater solutions.

The Watlow family of seal bar heaters provides flexibility and a variety of sizes to fit almost any thermal application.

The superior sealing quality, cost-effectiveness and long service life of Watlow's seal bar heaters offer increased production yields, greater throughput and bottom line efficiencies.

Thick film heaters

Watlow's thick film heaters can be customised to provide the precise control and temperature profile that demanding packaging applications require. Thick film heater circuitry provides even thermal output across the entire heater surface, helping to control and correct almost any temperature uniformity issue.

These units are ideal for a multitude of seal bar applications because the heater can be designed to match any form desired, depending on the substrate. This versatility allows the heater to adapt to unique machine dimensions and geometries.

Low profile, low mass thick film heaters offer precise control, rapid start up and improved cycle times.

Firerod cartridge heaters

Firerod heaters are a suitable solution for seal bar applications because it offers versatility for a broad range of packaging applications. These heaters provide superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Firerod also offers wattage distribution along the heater length resulting in a uniform heat profile that is customised to the specific application.

To accommodate equipment with limited space outside the sealing bar, the Firerod has very small, no heat sections. The heater can be manufactured with internal thermocouples anywhere along the heater length to control application temperatures and offers the highest possible watt density for the fastest start up and recovery time.

Cable heaters

Cable heaters are a versatile seal bar solution and can be custom designed to fit seal bars and dies. The internal element wire for wattage distribution and internal thermocouple for sensing allows for optimal temperature control along the length of the blade.

Accurate temperature control ensures process reliability and reduced downtime resulting in higher machine productivity.

The heater sheaths can be formed to fit many common blade/bar configurations.

The Watlow family of seal bar heaters provides flexibility and a variety of sizes to fit almost any thermal application.

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