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Efficient equipment for packaging industry

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WATLOW Australia Pty Ltd has provided a broad and unmatched range of quality electric heaters, sensors and temperature controllers for over 80 years. Watlow has extensive experience in helping packaging machinery OEMs with solutions for applications such as heated seal bars, seal dies, shrink tunnels, heated hole punches and adhesive heating and dispensing.

Watlow is also a technology leader with the highest level of thermal application and design services, including temperature profiling and finite element analysis. Our dedicated engineers help customers rise above the competition by optimising their machinery's efficiency, expanding production capacity, and reducing labour and overall maintenance costs. Watlow's worldwide sales office network allows the company to solve their customer’s most difficult problems, no matter where they are located.

Watlow can help engineers complete thermal solutions for the following packaging-related applications.

Seal bars

Watlow offers a broad range of heaters from traditional to the thermally optimised thick film that deliver fast start-up times and temperature uniformity:

* Form, fill and seal machines

* Bag and pouch making machines

* Fill and seal machines

* Heat sealing machines

* Skin blister packaging machines

Seal dies

Watlow's family of quality seal die heaters offers final secure seals for product safety and consistency:

* Cup and tray sealing machines

* Form, fill and seal machines

* Closing machines - foil sealing

* Adhesive heating and dispensing


For consistent temperatures and rapid start-ups, turn to Watlow's selection of heaters for adhesive heating and dispensing applications:

* Hot glue melt equipment

* Cartoning machines

* Closing machines

* Labelling machines

* Shrink tunnels and ovens

Watlow's variety of heaters helps increase product quality:

* Shrink film and heat sealing equipment

* Shrink labelling machines

* Tamper evident seals and bands

* Hot Air sealing and drying

Watlow's range of heaters provide quality and consistency ideal for hot air sealing and drying applications:

* Labelling machines

* Wrapping machines

* Heated hole punches

Features of the following Watlow products include:

Cable heaters

* Highly flexible geometries for heat optimised distribution

* Small diameters for heating small spaces.

Cartridge heaters

* Standard forms and sizes for convenient design incorporation

* High watt density at an economical price

* Easy service replacement

Cast-in heaters

* Integral tubular or cable element

* Sealed construction for durability and safet

IFC heaters

* Tubular heaters compression pressed in the part

* Better thermal transfer and efficiency than milled-groove options

* Parts can be thermally optimised via finite element analysis

Radiant heaters

* High emissivity substrates for radiant efficiency

* Customisable forms for application optimisation

Thick film heaters

* Low thermal mass responsive and efficient pulse heating

* Highest heat delivery flexibility and optimise precision

* System simplification through ‘heated part’

Tubular heaters

* Bend-to-shape flexibility

* Can be used for conductive and radiant heating

* High watt density at an economical price

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