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EZ-Zone integrated control loop

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article image The EZ-Zone ST is the first product to integrate temperature control, power control, safety shut-down and power disconnect in a single package.

Watlow , a leading designer and manufacturer of heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, has introduced its EZ-Zone ST integrated control loop.

The EZ-Zone ST is the first product to integrate temperature control, power control, safety shut-down and power disconnect in a single package.

It features a PID temperature controller already connected to a high amperage solid state relay (SSR) with the option of adding a properly sized heat sink, current measurement, an over/under temperature limit, a definite purpose mechanical contactor and digital communications in one package.

The user has the option of adding one or more remote user interface (RUI) displays. The RUI is a 1/16 DIN and can be mounted at the front of the equipment for easy use. The RUI also features an "EZ key," which can be customised to perform repeatable functions for the user.

"Watlow is continuing its tradition of product innovation," explains Don Commare, product marketing manager, "Watlow was the first company to use electric heat instead of steam heat in numerous applications. Now, we are the first to introduce the integrated control loop.

“No more crowded, messy and cumbersome control panels. No more components that lack status information. No more dealings with multiple suppliers for various discrete components. Watlow's integrated control loop just made the user's life a whole lot simpler because this new controller package decreases design and assembly time, minimises system complexity and best of all, lowers total cost of ownership."

Product manager Craig Dennis adds: "It provides reduced panel size and decreases the termination complexity, which in turn reduces installation costs while increasing system reliability. The user benefits from an integrated thermal control system in one compact package."

The EZ-Zone ST integrated control loop is both modular and scalable, allowing the user to pay only for what is needed, which helps decrease the cost of ownership. The EZ-Zone ST can be stacked into multiple configurations giving the flexibility to standardise on the products platform to solve a wide range of application needs.

Additional features of the EZ-Zone ST integrated control loop include back panel or DIN-rail mounting, a touch safe package, 0.1 percent temperature accuracy and a three-year warranty.

"This is an important evolutionary step that will change the face of control panels and the future of temperature and power controllers," Commare says.

"As we developed this product, we spent a lot of time with our customers to make sure this product addressed their needs. Through our conversations we found that our customers have four primary issues that they note as their greatest pain.

“They would like to see simplification to reduce termination and wiring complexity; a reduction in the number on components taking up panel space; 'intelligence' added to power control; and a lower cost of ownership for the entire solution. This product directly fits our customers' needs."

EZ-Zone ST integrated control loop can be used in temperature controlling applications such as plastics processing, packaging, environmental chambers, semiconductor processing, analytical instrumentation and general equipment use.

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