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Ceramic urinals with serviceable water locks

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article image Uridan ceramic urinals – now available from Watersave Australia.

WATERSAVE has released the first ceramic urinals with serviceable water locks in Australia. These cisternless urinals work without flushing.

Until now, only fibreglass versions of the Uridan water-free urinals have been available in Australia.

Watersafe is distributing two ceramic models, KH-2 and KHC-2. KH-2 is the same shape as the existing fibreglass model GH-1 and KHC-2 is the same shape as the fibreglass model GHC-1.

Both ceramic and fibreglass models have high quality finishes.

The innovative urinals have become popular since Watersave introduced fibreglass versions in Australia in 2004. Thousands of urinals have been installed in commercial buildings across Australia.

Ceramic versions of the urinals seem likely to become just as popular, with 120 urinals recently installed in one Sydney office building.

The ceramic models are cheaper to buy and install in new buildings than flushing urinals because they do not need cisterns, flushing valves or water pipes.

Yet they are hygienic - the urine drains through a stainless steel cover and into an oil-covered waste trap, which acts like an “S” bend, into the waste pipe. A floating layer of biodegradable vegetable oil in the trap covers the urine and eliminates odours.

Uridan urinals are easier to clean and maintain than ordinary urinals, according to Watersave, as they do not have a flushing rim and their lack of water prevents the build-up of ammonia and bacteria.

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