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The principles of water loss monitoring and water leakage control

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The LeakControl from WaterGroup Pty Ltd is an ultrasonic flow measuring system designed for water loss monitoring and leakage control.

The ultrasonic flow measuring system, LeakControl has been developed for long term monitoring of a pipe section in a network, and is permanently installed aboveground in weatherproof housing. Ultrasonic sensors fitted on the outside of the pipe help determine the flow; the device can be installed without interrupting the water supply.

The ultrasonic measurement device is suitable for all pipe materials, eliminating any maintenance requirements following installation and configuration. Measurements can be carried out through the day using existing cables to provide power supply, which in turn feeds a battery. A UPS integrated into the LeakControl system can maintain operation for up to 24 hours if the external power supply is disconnected.

The LeakControl PositionOptimizer can be used to determine the optimal position of the sensors in the network based on hydraulic modelling. All the collected data is sent by a GSM modem to a PC via SMS or to a webserver via GPRS for further analysis and evaluation. An alarm function and limit setting function ensure a quick and efficient reaction during an emergency.

Key benefits of the LeakControl ultrasonic flow measuring system include software based positioning and leak localisation; measurement through all pipe materials and dimensions; installation without disruption; efficient ultrasonic measuring technique; network monitoring; and variety of parameter functions.

LeakControl also supports remote maintenance and remote configuration via GSM, allowing the system to be controlled from the head office after installation. Used in combination with LeakControl LeakageFinder, the user can quickly localise a leakage.

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