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The Sebalog N-3 Network permanent leakage monitoring system allows water utilities and large water users to continuously monitor their water network for leaks. Not only will the system identify leaks using the 'expanded spectrum analysis' tool, but also allows the user to remotely pinpoint the exact location on a Google map from any location with internet access.

Features include:

  • Data retrievable on a daily basis via FTP server or SebaCloud website
  • Transmission of leak noises, frequencies and audio files
  • ESA value (expanded spectrum analysis) as leakage indication
  • Integration of pipe network plans
  • Very simple installation process

Fast awareness

Time is of the essence when detecting and locating leaks. The Sebalog N-3 noise logger network’s innovative technology, is therefore designed to identify existing leaks, to detect new leaks as fast as possible, and minimise losses in the network in the long term.

Data on the web

The Sebalog N-3 network provides you with the latest measured data daily. Automatic data transmission to the web provides you with the information you need from wherever you are. It also offers a wide range of analyses, such as the ESA value or the history function, so that you can track the condition of the network over a long period. This means critical sections of the network are easy to identify and there won’t be any nasty surprises.


  • Fast leakage awareness
  • Find leaks before they cause damage
  • Limit the water loss from any leakage event
  • Data available from any internet connected device
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