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New mini leak locator released by WaterGroup

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WaterGroup Pty Ltd introduces the HL 50 leak locator designed for quick leak surveys, leak pinpointing, and indoor leak detection using acoustic leak detection methods.

Lightweight and precise, the HL 50 leak locator from WaterGroup is equipped with advanced technology and a charge capacity that allows continuous operation of more than 10 hours a day. Designed for user-friendly operation, the HL 50 can even be used by beginners to achieve quality results in just a few minutes.

SebaKMT, a global player in the manufacture of measuring equipment for cable fault location and water leak detection, has launched the HL 50, a mini leak locator of high accuracy and great technological simplicity. SebaKMT is distributed in Australia by WaterGroup.

Weighing only 400gm, the lightweight HL 50 can be used outdoors on water pipe networks or inside buildings to examine house service connections. It can detect ground-borne noise (top sound) and structure-borne vibrations (body sound), and has the capability to detect leaks at remote contact points even when the sound is muffled or the ambient noise level is high.

Three frequency settings (Hi, Lo, and All) shut down unwanted noises and interferences in the locator’s immediate environment, letting in just the leak noise to the operator’s ears.

Measurements taken at various points along the pipe help locate the leak accurately. Equipped with a sensitive acoustic sensor, frequency filter and high-end headphones, the mini leak locator picks up the vibrations generated by the friction of the water escaping the pipe, transforms them into a distinctive audible sound, and displays the noise level as a two-digit value as well as a bar graph.

The HL 50 stores and displays the noise intensity at the previous measurement point, which makes it even easier to see the change in noise level from one measuring point to the other. The higher the numerical or analogue value on the display, the closer will be the leak.

Various interfaces allow easy connection of additional accessories such as high-end ground microphone, ultra-robust listening rod, probe, and tripod, which enhance the instrument’s leak detection capabilities, making an acoustic range up to 4,000 Hz easy to locate in metal and plastic pipes.

In addition to offering a good solution for quick leak surveys on above and below ground fittings, the HL 50 also functions as an ideal tool for indoor leak detection, where the operating space is often narrow and the ambient light low. The instrument’s small size, combined with wireless headphones ensures maximum mobility, while the backlit display offers perfect readability even under poor light conditions. The user interface of the HL 50 mini leak locator is simple and intuitive with the user operating just two buttons to access filter settings, start and stop, and ‘mute’ functions. 

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